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ThatNickGuy writes...

Hey Greg,

Long time fan dating back to the beginning of Gargoyles. When I heard you were heading up Spectacular Spidey, I was overjoyed.

I'd just like say and ask a few things. Oh, and of course...


1) Thank you very much for Spectacular Spidey. I feel that it captures everything about the Spider-Man mythos in every way, shape and form. In fact, I would go as far as to say it's my favourite version of Spider-Man in whatever form (comic, TV, even movie). Some of my favourite episodes seem to be the ones written by Andrew Robinson, so please send along my thanks to him, along with the rest of your fantastic team.

2) My only minor complaint was the mutation of Kraven. Given the set up and payoff in regards to the overall arc (setting up Miles Warren, continuing on the theme of genetic manipulation), I can understand why. I guess I was always a fan of Kraven as he was and was hoping for some more classic Kraven, such as Spidey fighting off a zoo of animals and such. Any chance I could hear your thoughts and reasoning on the mutation? I wasn't crazy about it, at first, but the idea and look has grown on me.

3) You actually had me guessing on the identity of the Goblin. I was literally on the edge of my seat during season 2's finale and the big reveal actually had my mouth gaping. Highest kudos to you and the Spidey team.

4) Given that this is, by far, one of my favourite animated series now, I hope and pray that a third season will be coming our way.

Thanks again, Greg. It's been a great, wild ride that I hope never ends.
That Nick Guy

Greg responds...


1. I will.

2. Well, (a) we thought it was a cool idea, borrowed from Ultimate Spider-Man and (b) we have long term plans that make the change important.

3. Thanks.

4. Me too.

Response recorded on July 02, 2009