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Timothy Fackler writes...

Hello Greg, and whoever Todd is.

I’m not really sure if this qualifies as a question, and I think it fits the guidelines…
Then again if it doesn’t I won’t get an answer anyways, but that’s not the point.
(Sorry, I’m nervous.)

I’m not sure if I’m too late or not, I don’t think I am.
I found out Lex is indeed a homosexual, but I don’t think his mate has been released yet.
I was wondering if I could in fact be with him, or at least go on a date maybe?
I Always had a bit of a crush on him, and I know Gargoyles and humans have been mates before.

A bit about myself:
I’m 20, which I think is close to Lex’s age if I remember.
I’m kinda nerdy, if you couldn’t tell by me asking to date a Gargoyle.
I’m in college for English and Psychology.
My interests are anime, comics, manga, hanging with friends, coffee, shopping, and obviously boys.
I’m tall, about 6 ft. and a little over 200 lbs. I guess I could send a picture if you want?
I don’t know if it really matters but I’m a versatile top >.<
Thank you for your time, and I hope I get to be with Lex soon.
I suppose you could email if your interested?

Greg responds...

But -- and this is the key question -- are you public domain?

Response recorded on July 14, 2009