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Lee H writes...

Hey Greg. I love the work you've done on The Spectacular Spider-Man, it's by far the best version of the character and his stories since Steve Ditko was handling him. A few questions:

1. You've mentioned before that you try your best to avoid creating original characters, so a lot of minor roles in the show are characters from the actual comic books. Are there any you can "reveal" that people haven't picked up on? I believe you've mentioned Tiny (McKeever, from Untold Tales right?) and Vin Gonzales before, which episodes did they appear in? Furthmore, has Seymour O'Reilly ( http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/seymourspdm.htm ) appeared in the show?

2. An excellent job has been done of merging certain characters, such as Montana/Shocker, Fancy Dan/Ricochet and Bennet Brant/Molten Man (which by extension merges some of Betty Brant with Liz Allan). Was Black Cat intentionally merged with Jessica Carradine? Are there any other, more subtle, character merges in the show?

3. Peter hasn't been shown tinkering with web shooters and gadgets as much as he did in the early issues of the comics. Was this something intentionally downplayed, or just due to time constraints and what-not?

4. What do you think worked best in Spectacular Spider-Man so far? Anything that didn't quite turn out as well as you'd hoped?

Thank you!

Greg responds...


1. Tiny, Seymour and Jason have all appeared. Tiny and Jason are on the football team, though Jason was injured mid-first season and Tiny's low grades temporarily knocked him off the team. Tiny dressed as a cheerleader on Halloween. Seymour announces the games. You might also recall his conversation with Mark Allan, when the latter returned to Midtown.

Vin and Alan have appeared many times too. They're the two uniformed cops who are NOT DeWolff and Carter.

You'll see more of all five characters if we get additional seasons.

2. Yes. Probably.

3. Mostly time constraints, but we have a major storyline planned about the invention of his web-shooters. Given enough episodes, we'll get to it eventually.

4. Uh... I'm pretty happy with pretty much everything. But of course, I'm biased.

Response recorded on July 30, 2009