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haley writes...

i have loved gargoyles for a long time. I have seen all the episodes and has inspired me to write a book. But with my own twist and characters. Do u think useing the same location as the tv series is copying your work?

Greg responds...

Uh... well, not that I want more specifics, but it really depends on how many specific touchstone points you're using. I hardly have a monopoly on either Gargoyles or Manhattan, but if you're doing "Gargoyles in Manhattan", you're already treading pretty darn close. You put them atop a skyscraper, you're in very dicey terrain. Frankly, if you have to ask, I'd guess that, yes, you're too close to copying us.

In any case, I can't get very enthusiastic for you no matter what you're doing. I'm glad we've inspired you, but I'd rather we inspired you to something way more your own than something that is close enough that you are merely bringing your "own twist and characters" to the project.

If this is merely intended as fanfiction, fine. But if you have some desire to release this commercially, than I'd rather you didn't compete with me on my turf, using work inspired by my show. Does that sound selfish?

Response recorded on July 30, 2009