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Todd Jensen writes...

I saw a promo for the "Bad Guys" trade paperback on YouTube this morning (an official one, done by Slave Labor Graphics), and was delighted by it. Especially the meeting between Dingo and a new (as in, introduced to us in this story) member of the Illuminati (we don't know his name yet - but I have my suspicions, which I can't reveal here because of the "no ideas" rule) - I enjoyed the Illuminatus's statement that the Illuminati are the "good guys" as an echo of the series title. And also the scene with Yama and Matrix at the end of the promo; it was great to see Yama, so solemn up until now, beginning to develop a sense of humor.

I'm looking forward to this book all the more now.

Greg responds...

Me too, believe me. It should be arriving in stores any week now. And I've been promised we'll have some copies available at the Gathering.

Response recorded on August 12, 2009