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nacnud writes...

Dear Greg,

The season Two finale of The Spectacular spiderman reported that norman was the green goblin. at one point in production, was harry ever suggusted for the role ? or was it always Norman from the start?

Will there be any direct to DVD movies or episodes that continue the Spectacular spiderman continuity?

How did you get the idea for the episode "Opening Night"? was that story ever in the comics or did you come up with the idea? if you or the team came up with the idea, then it was pure genius!

Greg responds...


We always knew it was Norman, but we worked very hard to make the audience think it was Harry. (And later Menken and even Emily.)

I hope so.

"Opening Night" was inspired by an early issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN when Spidey was trapped in a prison with a bunch of convicts.

Response recorded on August 14, 2009