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ColdFusion writes...

Yay! SSM season 2 has started! I love how REALISTIC this show continues to be. The attention to detail is so appreciated..
though I must say I was surprised to find out that Pete doesn't stay warm enough from all the activity of superhero-ing, that he actually needs some long undies. I mean, when kids ice skate or build snow forts they tend to overheat and take their coats off.
Then he plunged into the water (is that the East River?) and suddenly I was fearing for Pete's life.. (though having him catch a cold is a bit cartoonish, do people still believe cold gives you a virus?)

Particularly well-executed was Mysterio's whole thing. I mean, after the Chameleon's tricks were revealed to careful viewers, I was surprised that Mysterio's magic looked so... legit! I was SURE you weren't going to fall back on sci-fi "holograms".. and then it turned out they were projected on mist! That totally works with only a little disbelief-suspension.

And then in Kraven's episode, I mean, FINALLY. I've been wondering for YEARS why nobody ever traced Spider-Man's origin, since a spider-themed guy just happened to show up after special spiders were engineered. I can't wait to see what comes of it.

Keep up the awesome work.. in general.. or if the show gets picked up for a third season. :)

Greg responds...

Cold lowers your resistance. I think that's well-established medically.

Response recorded on August 17, 2009