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Stephen B. writes...

The Spectacular Spiderman was something I was really looking forward to since I saw the trailer in the Frien or Foe video game. The wait was killing me, the only real problem I had was the look of Doc Ock because of the action figure. When the series first aired though I was really impressed, it was even better than I thought. While reading the description saying Vulture and Electro were the villains to be first introduced my only thought was nice...keeping it simple, I like that. (simple as in they were two of his first villains in the Lee/Ditko books, and well not introducing someone as big as Doc Ock like the trailer hinted) The first episode seemed to be intended for kids, and kids only...not that I mind, I am only 13. The as the episode went on it kinda got a little deeper especially with that one line, "I can't let Harry lose his dad the way I lost Uncle Ben" a little creepy. Also, I was extremely happy and shocked to see the Enforcers in the series because they were only in a few comics from what I have read, thankfully I picked up some essentials before watching the series. Big Man and Hammerhead are also an extremely nice touch to the series. Plus, the new looks for these characters rule, Vulture reminded me of a falcon, most likey because of the Atlanta Falcons. The next episode was even better more mature, but still appropiate for kids. The lab job was pretty cool and the the Curt Connors thing with the Lizard DNA was being explained well. (which reminds me, have you played any of the games because you referred green goblin as "Emerald Elf", Curt Connors' needle like thing was portrayed like in the games, and some other stuff I can't remember at the moment.) Electro was the best thing that happened to this episode though, the Max Dillon had a nice back story (if that's the correct term) Electro's suit was just awesome, he is by far one of my favorite characters in the series. Natural Selection is where it got perfect for me, Lizard was awesome, and the story was a little dark with Billy and all but that just increased the awesomenes lol. The story arc "Rise of the Supervillains" was just the ammount of incredible as "Attack of the Lizard" (Going by DVD names) Shocker as Montana is something I really enjoyed, I find him to be better than Herman Shcultz. (Especially in Ultimate, except in "The Worst Day of Peter Parker's Life" story that is when he got sadistic) Sandman and Rhino were great, and the revealing of the Big Man as Tombstone was neat. I mean F. Fosswell was Big Man in the comics but Tombstone posed more as a threat because he is your main crime boss because Kingpin wasn't available. Green Goblin is my favorite character in the series however, and Steve Blum's voice nails it. He is exactly how he was in the comics. Doc Ock is shockingly (again because of the toy) awesome, another character exactly like the comics. Plus everything else that's happening like with the Daily Bugle and Pete's personal life is a great story as well. Chameleon isn't one of my favorite characters in the comics, I found him to be dull, but this series made me kind of pay attention to him more, also the use of Tinkerer and Beck before he becomes Mysterio is awesome (there's that word again) Black Suit Spiderman was cool. I liked how his costumed changed every episode. Sinister Six was nicely put together alot better than the 90's version, they didn't even give them their right name. The Intervention episode was pure briliant. Finally a series that explained his origin in a liking and the guy who voiced Uncle Ben, Ed ... was awesome, and he was briliant in "UP". Finally the last episode Venom was incredible best version of him ever. And the last scene with the kiss was a nice cliffhanger to season 2. Again the story behind the Spiderman fights was incredible as well. The best adaptation to Spiderman EVER!!! Season 2 did just air and they had them on youtube now but I refuse to watch them I wanna be suprised. Thanks for this beast (yes i spelled it correctly BEAST) version of Spiderman.

Greg responds...

I'm not much of a gamer myself. Glad you liked the show!

Response recorded on September 15, 2009