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Todd Jensen writes...

In the Shocker episode of "The Spectacular Spider-Man", when Peter Parker asks J. Jonah Jameson whether he wouldn't have a photograph where Spiderman's getting the upper hand over Shocker rather than one where Shocker's winning, Jameson replies "The people want to see their heroes fail! It makes them feel good about themselves!"

Was this line intended, in part, as a reference/commentary on Spiderman's familiar depiction in Marvel as particularly fallible (carried out well, I thought, in the show, whether on a serious level - getting fired from his internship in Dr. Connors' lab after the Lizard incident - or comedic - the spectacularly unsuccessful attempt at cooking Thanksgiving dinner)? Phrased, of course, in a more cynical way than you'd probably normally do it, to fit Jameson's character?

Greg responds...

It's all part of the package.

Response recorded on September 15, 2009