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Wolf E. Urameshi writes...

I just found out about the Gathering being the last. Unfortunate, as I never got a chance to go there. :(

Also, this is an issue I thought I'd ask. I looked around in the archives but no cigar. If it was answered, I simply didn't notice, and I apologize beforehand if this is the case. If you were ever unable to continue the Gargoyles in any way, shape or form other than cartoons, comics, DVD's and such, how would you continue the story? Maybe publishing them online in deviantArt or a website of its own in story or comic form? Would you be willing to do that, if it were to come to that? Thanks again.

PS: Did you know that newest web sensation the Nostalgia Critic has reviewed the Gargoyles show? He gave it high praise. Feel free to drop by here:


Greg responds...

Yes, I've seen the Nostalgia Critic's review. It was pretty cool.

As for your main question, it's just a completely unworkable hypothetical. It assumes I give up at some point on doing Gargoyles again in a commercial medium. That's just not likely to happen -- ever.

Response recorded on September 16, 2009