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Geoff writes...

I enjoy your work a lot, Greg. But, a few things have been bugging me about Spectacular Spiderman:

Why didn't anyone ask Peter why Spiderman supposedly makes time before fighting lethal supervillains to call a teenager to come take pictures of him like he said in "Identity Crisis"?

Did you ever feel the animation for Spectacular Spiderman was too simple and, for lack of a better term, goofy? I read that the animation style used was to make the fight scenes more fluid, which they were, don't get me wrong. Yet, a couple of moments in the fight scenes began to look very wacky. And, I mean the Donald Duck & Goofy in a boxing match kind of wacky.

Greg responds...

They did. Pete said Spidey was a "gloryhound".

The animation is fantastic. I think you're referring to the design style, which is something entirely different, but nevertheless, to my mind, also fantastic. I think your Donald and Goofy comparison is pure hyperbole -- and yet NOT a bad thing per se.

Response recorded on October 28, 2009