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Greg Bishansky writes...

"Gargoyles, Clan Building Chapter Nine: The Rock of Ages"

Okay, been sitting on this for over a year, especially after that Radio Play. My thoughts on this one are still kind of jumbled. But I enjoyed it. A lot.

Xanatos attempts another gambit, but, as we soon discovered, it is pointless to try to possess the Stone of Destiny. Although it was very cool to see him try to pull a fast one on the Illuminati. That man has guts.

Great to see Coldstone and Coldfire again. They've both been missed, and the way Coldstone destroyed Coyote was just brutal. Loved it.

And, here we go, the Illuminati. The biggest surprise had to be the identity of their leader. For years Greg kept telling us that Duval was their leader, and that he is Sir Percival. That is no longer accurate. Peredur fag Ragnal is the leader of the Illuminati, the keeper of the Holy Grail, and Peredur is the Welsh version of Percival. Not to mention the Spirit of Destiny referred to Arthur as Peredur's old master. So, if Duval is no longer Percival, then who is he? I have a very strong notion on that, but I'll keep that to myself for now.

As for Duval. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but it most certainly was not... that. Granted, this particular arc was full of things I was not expecting. But, Duval as a cyborg? Not at all. I mean, I'd read that he was paying a physical price for his use of the Grail and his... sins. But, this is really not at all what I was expecting. So, at least one of his hands is cybernetic, and his left eye is cybernetic. I already want to see this guy's origin story.

The Stone of Destiny itself... wow... that blows the whole thing wide open. Just one of several thousand vessels for the Spirit of Destiny. And what is the Spirit of Destiny? I think it's something far bigger than any gargoyle, human, or Child of Oberon could comprehend.

So, what was so special about Fox's shoes? Um... they're really nice shoes? But, gotta give Xanatos credit, a shoe box is useful for a bomb scare.

And, as in the Radio Play, my favorite part had to be when the Holy Grail and the Stone of Destiny (real, fake, makes no difference) said hello to each other.

Good story. The art, well, I am so glad that Robby was the colorist, he does good work. Unfortunately, I am still no fan of Hedgecock's pencils. Aw well, the next three issues were visually stunning.

The one question I do have, which sadly isn't answered in this volume is... just how are the Manhattan Clan going to be able to keep living in Xanatos's castle? While Hudson and Lexington weren't his targets, they were still placed in harm's way when Xanatos unleashed Coyote 5.0, Coldsteel, and the rest on them. This is not the sort of thing Goliath would or should take likely.

Greg responds...

I think it's par for the course, but we'll all just have to see.

Response recorded on December 09, 2009