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Ian Adams writes...

Just picked up and read Bad Guys. Between this and Vol. 2 of Clan Building I have very mixed feelings. I loved reading both, and am ecstatic that you were able to finish these stories. At the same time, being able to finish them just whet my appetite for more. After all this time getting used to the idea of no more Gargoyles, and the troubled life in comics, I was trying to get comfortable with the reality of no new stories. Now the idea seems entirely untenable. I need to know what happens to these people.

I'm not sure how sales are, but I can speak to the fact that my local shop ordered 3 copies of each for the shelf (so not counting people who had requested it) and they were all sold out when I left today. Here's hoping that pattern repeats itself around the country.

Greg responds...

I'd stay hopeful. Dan Vado does want to pursue doing more.

Response recorded on December 16, 2009