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Todd Jensen writes...

Inspired by a remark from Vaevictis's review of "Rock of Ages".


You gave the name "Peredur" to the character who is apparently the counterpart of Percival. This is the Welsh equivalent to his name.

I've read much modern Arthurian fiction, and have noticed that often in it, many of the legendary characters are called by the Welsh forms of their names (such as Cai for Kay, Bedwyr for Bedivere, Medraut for Mordred, etc.) to give a sense of the older version of Arthur, the Dark Age war leader rather than the medieval king of Camelot. Is this why (or one reason why) you chose the name "Peredur" rather than "Percival"?


Greg responds...

If you figure the guy -- if he actually lived -- was Welsh in the first place, then I figure the Stone would be calling him by his proper name.


Response recorded on December 18, 2009