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Battle Beast writes...

In CBV2, We see a clan of Gargoyles with Demona as her leader. There are two beasts.

I think my two favorite character designs are: the small green Gargoyle in Demona's Clan (He also appears briefly in CoS, squating near Demona and Macbeth as he names her) and in the trade; and Fu-Dog. I love Fu-Dog's color, and the basic style.

I currently use Future Tense Brooklyn as my Avatar on Station 8, but if I could, I would switch to Fu-Dog. Great job on the new designs, Greg, and to all the artists who worked on the comics!

1. When designing new characters, is it a back and forth between you and the artist on the look and coloring? Or is it all from your imagination, or previous concept designs?

2. I know Disney owns Gargoyles. Do they own any NEW characters you create like Fu-dog or Gnash? Who DOES own them, if not?

Thanks again, Greg! Thank you for all of your hard work over the last couple of years! (You don't know how much I appreciate it.)

Greg responds...

1. I have ... a starting point, a basic description. But I like to see what the artist brings to it. I may then have a note or two, and we'll go back and forth, but it's a collaboration. It's why I've been reluctant to state much visually about characters like True here at ASK GREG. Don't want to tie the artist's hands.

2. Disney owns all things Gargoyles. Everything I (or any of the artists) do on the property is "work for hire".

Response recorded on January 05, 2010