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Lexar writes...

Hi there, Mr. Weisman.
It's a great oportunity for all of us fans to be able to write you a few questions (a few thousands by now) about a show that we all enjoyed so long ago and keep loving through all these time, and to keep up with the spirit to publish/share your ideas withs us is even more than I had dreamed possible. Thank you for your time, your efforts, and for sharing that gift of creativity that makes us dream of another world of great adventures, while we secretly (or openly) hope someday will become true.
Now what intrigues me:
I was watching episode 10 - The Edge, and about minute 17, when Broadway makes a Steel Clan robot crash into the book of the Liberty Statue, he makes a very distinctive gesture: to pass a finger over his tonge and then draw a "1" in the air... the same gesture that Gillian uses in the opening sequence of Jayce and the Wheeled warriors. Who's idea was it to include a reference to the Wheelies? I almost fall from my chair when I saw this (and a lot of other puns, references and dialogs!). I'm sorry if someone already pointed it out, but I have read more than 500 records from the archive (only 138 from the search of "edge") and I haven't seen any reference to this.
By the way, I love some (if not most) of your short answers... The "Hey, if we can keep you uneasy, then I think we've succeeded." to Greg Bishannsky... wonderful. And answering to one of your questions in the rambling "Chapter XLIX: Eye of the Storm" that has an "edge" word in it, I was lightning-struck to find out that Odin's eye was actually his EYE!

Greg responds...

It's NOT a reference to a specific show (particularly a show I've never seen). It's a sports reference, that I'm guessing both shows utilized.

Response recorded on January 18, 2010