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Rebel writes...

I know that whether any more Gargoyles trades are made by SLG depends in large part on the sales of the existing trades. Did Dan Vado give you any specific numbers (or even ballpark figures) of how many copies of the trades need to be sold so that SLG will consider approaching Disney to make more Gargoyles trades? If he did, what are those numbers/figures/estimates? Also, I don't know how closely you keep up with the sales of the trades, but can you tell us approximately how many have been sold so far so that we know how close we are to potentially meeting the goal so that we might get new trade paperbacks in the future?

Greg responds...

He did not give me specific numbers, relative either to his expectations or to actual sales. But clearly the numbers warrant the fact that he's now (still) in the process of trying to secure the license again from Disney.

Response recorded on January 21, 2010