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Daniel writes...

Hi Greg. In the Cauldron of Life episode, why was Xanatos so disheartened when he lost Hudson as a test subject?

"I was so close to finding out if the legend was true. Now there's no one to test it on."

Couldn't he have secured a simple test animal to dip into the cauldron? You'd said that he never expected Owen to lend a hand. It's odd for him to voice defeat without thinking of another plan.

On the subject of stone skin, why weren't there any skin shards lying around from all the times the Gargoyles had awakened at the castle? I seem to recall an episode where someone assumed an identity to get to the castle and he found a skin shard (unless, of course, that was from season 3).

Greg responds...

I'm not sure "disheartened" is the word I'd use. Wistful, maybe.

As for the skin shards, most had been cleared away, cleaned up, etc. It wasn't anticipated that they might be useful.

Response recorded on January 25, 2010