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gipdac writes...

Xanatos, Matt Bluestone, Thailog and John Castaway all became members of the Illuminati in fairly quick succession, but we are only told of one opening with the death of Mace Malone. With so many Illuminatus being nearly immortal, it seems odd that there would be 4 open positions within a few months.
1. Does the Illuminati always have 666 members or do they have 666 positions, but not all positions are necessarily filled all the time?
2. If they do have 666 filled position at all times, then who died to make room for Xanatos, Thailog, and Castaway? I’m assuming here the Bluestone replace Malone.

Greg responds...

Your premise is incorrect, certainly with regards to Xanatos.

1. Obviously. How could they be?

2. Seriously? Did you REALLY think I'd answer this?

Response recorded on January 29, 2010