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Matt writes...

1. Why did you give the moniker of "True" to Hudson's third biological child? Where did the name come from?

2. In what series' or spin-offs would we see True again?

3. Aside from Hudson, were any of True and "Kermit"'s rookery parents still alive as of 997?

4. Where did True and Kermit go during the Battle of Rathveramoen? Were there other gargoyles/beasts of similiar age among other cells of Demona's Clan?

5. Do you consider the cell that True belonged to to be called the Wyvern Cell or would you call it something else? Was this the cell that Demona spent most her time with?

Thanks, Greg!

Greg responds...

1a. It seemed appropriate.

1b. My twisted mind.

2. Dark Ages.

3. Potentially.

4a. Into hiding.

4b. Yes.

5a. I doubt it was called that, since it wasn't located at Wyvern. But I understand how that's a useful and sensible place-holder for the time being. And, no, I haven't set a specific location for it yet.

5b. Yes.

Response recorded on March 18, 2010