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FidoPaws writes...

What inspired you or what ideas came to mind when designing Katana? or did you (as in, was an art director/Greg Guler in charge of her design?)

also, I wanted to ask, as smart as Brooklyn is I doubt he's very fluent in Japanese. I recall (mistake me if I'm wrong) that the Phoenix Gate allows for translations (the reason Goliath, Angela and Elisa could understand people during the World Tour). Would the same standards apply for Brooklyn when me meets Katana and her clan?

Greg responds...

I guess I was "in charge" of it, but the designer was Robby Bevard. I just had a basic vision in my head of what she looked like. It seemed way past time for us to see a beaked female gargoyle, and as to her coloring, I have some notions as to her ancestors/descendents that defined that.

Response recorded on March 25, 2010