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René Meyhöfer writes...

Hi, i am a very big fan from Berlin/Germany. Sorry, but my english is terrible. (I think so) I´ve seen every episode and i love it. Thank you very much. Now my question:
do you think/know of new gargoyle series. What do you need to create the series. (Maybe your fans can help?!) Please send me an answer to my private email adress.
www.rene.meyhoefer@gmx.de (PLEASE!)
Its very difficult for me, to read and write in english and I don´t want to translate the complete site and all posts. I hope you understand me.
Thanks for all.Nice greetings from Germany! your Fan René

Greg responds...

As I've stated many times, I make it a policy not to respond to private e-mail addresses. If I did for you, I'd have to do it for everyone, which would mean giving my e-mail address out to everyone, which doesn't seem wise. In addition, it defeats the purpose of this website if I'm responding privately. I'm not sure why you'd have to translate the complete site. Just look for your name and translate this -- fairly useless response.

Because there's nothing new to add as an answer to your actual question.

Fans can help by SPREADING THE WORD and SPENDING MONEY on the product that's out there.

Response recorded on April 16, 2010