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TZ writes...

I was wondering something, and I know you don't like hypotheticals, but I wondered if you gave this any thought: Had Goliath and Demona stayed together in the 20th century, would he have still fallen in love with Elisa? Or would his love for Demona overshadow anything he could have felt for Elisa? I ask this because I wonder if Goliath and Elisa are a meant-to-be kind of thing (in your Gargs universe), and their love was inevitible, or was it only relative to Goliath not having someone (i.e. Demona)? Here's another way of looking at it as well: would he have fallen in love with someone else had he not met Elisa and things still went bad between him and Demona? Thanks for your time, and can't wait to hear your thoughts on the matter...I'm kinda hoping for a rant! :D But I totally understand if this is too hypothetical...I guess I just wondered if you ever thought about it. Thanks a lot!

Greg responds...

I don't know about "meant to be" but I don't think it was inevitable that Goliath would fall in love with SOMEBODY given the deterioration of his relationship with Demona. Gargoyles mate for life, and Goliath's love for Elisa is a rare exception. I do think of it as something special. Not simply a result of her filling a slot. As for your initial question, it's largely too broad a hypothetical for me. But if Goliath and Demona were happy, and she wasn't trying to kill the human race, then no, I doubt Goliath would have ended up with Elisa.

Response recorded on April 26, 2010