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Mike writes...

For the 3rd season of SSM, in response to many questions about plans regarding existing characters, you have answered that you have big plans for the character in question. You have even written that you have plans for all your characters. I suspect that the last statement is hyperbole (though you certainly are economical with your characters). Should a 3rd season be a go, given that there are a limited number of minutes in the season and the introduction of new characters, there must be a reduction in screen time for existing characters. While I'll refrain from asking for spoilers by asking which characters would see such a reduction, I'll ask the more general question of: is there a point in which you feel a character has nothing more to add to the planned storylines and if so, when in the story planning process does it occur?

Greg responds...

Well, it's all moot now regarding Spidey, but as a general rule, I rarely feel a character has lost all potential. We fit in as much as we can, which tends to be a lot. In the case of SpecSpidey, decisions as to who would have screen time or how much were made relative to the life of Pete.

Response recorded on May 17, 2010