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Todd Jensen writes...

Thanks in advance for the prize for winning the "Arthurian survivors" contest, Greg. Now, a couple of questions I'd like to ask about one particular survivor, Morgana:

1. You mentioned in your account of how the "Arthurian Eight" survived that Morgana is a changeling in the original sense (a faerie baby swapped for a human one). Does this mean that, in your Masterplan, she's not actually Arthur's *biological* half-sister or related to him by blood, but instead "adopted"?

2. I also noticed that you spelt her name "Morgana" rather than "Morgan". Were you planning to take this "different form of name" for the character, in the event that she showed up in "Gargoyles" or the "Pendragon" spin-off, in order to avoid getting her confused with Officer Morgan?

Greg responds...


1. "Adopted" suggests her human-parents (Igraine & Gorlois) knew she wasn't theirs and took her in anyway. But see, Morgana's a CHANGEling and there was an exCHANGE. (As I understand it, that's how it was supposed to work.) So no, in my opinion Morgana is not a blood relation to Arthur. Though he doesn't know it. That does NOT mean that Arthur's actual sister isn't part of the tapestry.

2. Yeah, more or less. But frankly, I won't be held to that. Name similarities actually interest me a lot. Coyote Trickster and the Coyote robot. Peter Maza and Petros Xanatos. Carlos Maza and Charles Canmore. These were and were not accidents.


Me and my daddy were at a party today, and I lost my tooth. On your two questions, the part where you said "the faerie baby swapped", I thought that the word was very amusing for me. It was very vaporizick.


I love you Mommy and Daddy and Erin and Benny and Norman and Bigtime and Iggy.

Response recorded on June 25, 2000