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Todd Jensen writes...

This is an oddball little notion that I've had for some time. I think it's more likely to remain a daydream than a serious project to be contemplated (except maybe for Gargoyles fans in the UK), but I thought I'd share it with you, just for the fun of it.


This hypothetical tour would visit various places in Scotland connected with "Gargoyles". Among these:

EDINBURGH: Duncan's home in "City of Stone", and also the present site of the Stone of Destiny (or at least, *a* Stone of Destiny). Edinburgh Castle would definitely be on the sights list there, including the Stone.

LOCH NESS: The stop would include a visit to the ruins of Urquart Castle (since it's most likely the real-world original of the ruined castle over Sevarius's base in "Monsters").

SCONE: The original home of the Stone of Destiny while it was in Scotland, of course - and we know from "Once Upon a Time There Were Three Brothers" that there was once a gargoyle clan here as well.

GLAMIS CASTLE: Castle Moray's probably fictional, but Glamis Castle, often linked to Macbeth and Duncan in the popular imagination, would make a good equivalent for it. While the castle itself post-dates Macbeth's reign, of course, Maol Chalvim (or Malcolm II) is said to have died here (it was a hunting lodge in his day), and - even better - there's a hill nearby called Hunter's Hill! (Glamis Castle also has a number of colorful tales associated with it, such as the rumors of a monster - actually a deformed member of the family that owned the castle - hidden in a secret chamber.)

ARBROATH ABBEY: On the list, because of its role in "Rock of Ages" (and being the site of the Declaration of Arbroath adds to its attractiveness).

STIRLING: I added Stirling to my list after I found out that "Sruighlea", after which the gargoyle cell slaughtered by Gillecomgain and Constantine was named, is Gaelic for "Stirling". Also, Bannockburn (whose battle in 1314 also featured in "Rock of Ages") was fought nearby, making it a good base from which to visit the battlefield. And Stirling has a few good sights, such as a couple of castles.

While I don't see this as being more than just a pleasant imagining for most American fans at present, I found the notion appealing, and thought you might enjoy reading about it as well.

Greg responds...

I think it would be great. Taking it step by step...

I've been to Edinburgh a few times -- and Edinburgh Castle is very impressive.

I have not been to Loch Ness, but would like to go.

Scone - My dad and I stopped by there, and I wish we had had more time to explore.

Glamis Castle - I'd like to see this.

Arbroath Abbey - Ditto.

Stirling - I've been here with my wife. The castle there is interesting. But the day we were there it was EXTREMELY hot and muggy, so I wouldn't mind going back on a day when we weren't dying to leave.

Of course, if you widened your scope a bit, I'd include Iona and Tintagel and a tour of Scotland's West Coast.

Response recorded on July 07, 2010