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James writes...

If a person either spraypaints/tags a gargoyle in stone will it break off in shard with the stone or show up and if someone were to use a dremmel or other small grinding/stonecarving tool and put a design on the stone would it show up or break off and what about additions made of ground up gargoyle stone turned into clay/plater what have you and added and somehow dried quickly (hair dryer or heat gun of some kind) would the appliance become part of them or again just break off basically my querie is this how badly damaged does a gargoyle have to be in stone for it to translate to flesh and along the same token ho bad does he have to be damaged before he doesn't wake up a broken off finger an arm and if pasted back on in stone will it heal?I don't actually visit this site alot so could you please either send the answers direct or send a link to the page you answer these questions in an email to jamesmitchell29486@yahoo.com thank you and have a pleasent tomorrow

Greg responds...

Any superficial additions like spray paint or... clay?... would have no effect on the gargoyles themselves. It's not a magic process but a biological one, so you can't give them tattoos or, I don't know, extra limbs in the manner you're describing.

As to grinding or carving a design, it depends how deep you go. If it's incredibly superficial, the equivalent of scratches, it should have little or no effect, if it goes deeper, you'd be HURTING them, not creating a design.

For more detailed information, try checking the ASK GREG Gargoyle Biology archive.

Response recorded on July 14, 2010