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Anonymous writes...

Hey, Greg *waves*. First time asking questions.

So I have a couple of questions revolving around Japan, Ishimura, and Bushido.

1) Is "Ishimura" supposed to be written with any specific Kanji / Japanese characters?

1b) If so, which characters would those be?

2) Given that the punishment for Yama's betrayal was banishment and not the usual open-your-guts-and-die [I]seppuku[/I], one can conclude that there are significant differences between the Gargoyles' conception of [I]Bushido[/I] and the traditional conception of it, in which ritual suicide is the appropriate way to restore lost honor. Are the Ishimura gargoyles themselves aware of this discrepancy? If so, how do they view the traditional version, vis-a-vis their own?

Greg responds...

1. I wouldn't know.

1b. See above.

2. There are some differences, which is not to confirm or deny that seppuku may or may not be part of the Ishimuran Clan's code of honor. But not for all offenses. They are aware of the discrepancy and consider their version of Bushido to be the true and original one. Whether they're right might be up for debate.

Response recorded on July 30, 2010