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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

Looking forward to the new cartoon. I am a huge fan of Young Justice… of course that could be a double edged sword. I don’t want to ask any specifics that I might as well just wait and see, but in most general terms: When I saw the poster image it made me think more of Teen Titans than Young Justice, of course the line between dramatic and angsty is very thin and subjective. Afterwards I saw a clip of Ms Stirtis talking about being Queen Bee, traditionally a Teen Titan villain. Is this cartoon based mainly on Young Justice or on the two series? Personally I prefer the tone of YJ over TT, but I'm open to new things. (I’ve been reading TT to keep up with the YJ characters. When I was finally going to give up on it they brought in Blue Beetle, another ‘gone too soon’ book, so I stayed.)

What the heck- just so you can answer ‘wait and see’
Is Argent Arrowette?
Are any of the YJ comic book characters not in the image going to show or play important roles in the cartoon? Most obviously Secret?
Is it true there is some sort of legal snare that keeps Wonder Girl out of cartoons? wait..ignore this one, someone asked it ahead of me.
Did you choose to make Bart Kid Flash instead of Impulse or was that decision from on high?
Hey! Those last two are legit none spoiler questions! One more…
When, thereabouts, is YJ expected to hit the airwaves...er...coax/fiber optics?

Saw a link to preview image in one of the waiting questions...certainly looks purty :)

Greg responds...

The tone of the comic series Young Justice was pretty much the arena of the Teen Titans animated series. We are in fact going for something a bit more dramatic and realistic, despite the name. But that's NOT to say there won't be humor in the series. If you've seen my work on Spectacular Spider-Man and other series, you know that drama and comedy are not mutually exclusive in my book.

The new Young Justice series is based on elements from the original 1960s Teen Titans, the 90s Young Justice and even more recent Teen Titans and Justice League comics. Plus everything in between. In some ways, this series is an adaptation of the entire DC Universe. But the key word is "adaptation". I strive (as does my "new" producing partner Brandon Vietti) with any adaptation (again cf SpecSpidey) to stay true to the spirit and intent of each and every character. But that doesn't mean there won't be changes. You wouldn't want a show with zero surprises, right?

Of course, another perfectly legit way to look at this is that the entire series is set on Earth-16 and Universe-16 (out of DC's 52-universe multiverse). It's a parallel universe, a parallel Earth, so some things will be the same and other will not. All without diverging from DC's multiverse continuity.

Artemis is neither Argent nor Arrowette.

Whether or not Secret appears is a... secret.

Brandon and I chose WALLY WEST as Kid Flash over Bart Allen as Impulse in part because it is EARLY DAYS in this particular DC UNIVERSE. And Wally was the original Kid Flash, just as Dick Grayson was the original Robin.

We're slated to premiere in November.

Response recorded on July 30, 2010