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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

I had asked what age you thought is the youngest age to start watching Gargoyles and…
Greg responds...
Well, I may not be the best person to go to for this advice. Not like I'm some parental expert. Just a parent. But I started my kids on Gargoyles VERY YOUNG. And it held their interest, which was my main concern. There's stuff there for them to enjoy, and IF THEY ASK about any of the more mature aspects of the show, there are teachable moments. That is to say, I didn't sit them in front of the TV and walk away. I watched WITH them. We had fun. And we learned some stuff together. But I think they were each about two when they started watching Gargoyles.

That's right! TWO!!! <chuckle>

Okay, yeah, I'm a bad parent. I mean I watch Dexter with my fifteen-year-old daughter. So don't listen to me.

Me again…
I just couldn’t watch a show like Dexter with my little girl! It seems just wrong to tell a child, “Tell mommy when the gore is done so she can open her eyes.” Wait… you meant because she enjoys it, not just so you don’t have to watch ‘icky’ scenes? I suppose I can see myself doing that J

[Just in case you don’t have perfect recall- the rest of your answer was really good parental advice, ‘expert’ or no:
“But I do think the key is to watch Dexter WITH your kids and not let them watch it alone. Oh, and when Dexter's over, put on an episode of The Office or something light and funny before bedtime. ”]

Greg responds...

Thanks. I do love watching TV with my kids. But we stick to shows THEY want to see that I don't mind seeing too.

Response recorded on August 02, 2010