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David Knight writes...

Hi, Greg. First time asking a question, so I'll dive right in.

I've been reading up on the new young Justice series and it seems like it could be fairly fantastic. Something struck me as curious, however. Most sites seem to be stating that the new new Aqualad character will be the team leader.

This to me seems a little bit strange considering that Dick Grayson is on the team. Given that Dick is pretty much DC's most prolific and natural team leader (Teen Titans in various incarnations including the cartoon, Outsiders, even the Justice League for awhile)

So, my question is this... Why was Aqualad picked as the leader here? Editorial mandate? Trying something different? Dick not being the same given the different continuity? Personal preference? Aqualad was appointed by the League?

It's a pretty fascinating choice. I hope it's not a hush hush sort of deal and that you can answer. if you can't, that's cool too.

All the best to you and yours!

Greg responds...

It's a wait and see thing.

Response recorded on August 31, 2010