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Brian Bartoccini writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman it is me again and I have an other question: in Hunter's Moon part 3 Jhon Canmore lose his mind after seen his brother dying (apparently), and then he swears hate and revnge against the gargoyles, but his brother in the end at last recovers his mind and he understand, thanks to Elisa Maza, the gargoyles are not their enemies, but I don't understand why Jhon did not the same thing too after seen his brother alive and all humanity saved from the virus that Demona created by Goliath.
Can you explain me that in detail?
Well I hope my english it is understandable(I am very sorry for my two first questions, I did not read the guidelines and rightly a your friend makes fun of me in the Comment Room Archive, Sorry).
So goodbye Mr. Weisman.

Greg responds...

The phrase "lose his mind" suggests something -- at least in English -- that didn't happen to either brother ever. Though one can debate their judgement, neither brother was ever what I'd call insane.

And Jon did not see Goliath save humanity from the virus. Robyn saw that, but Jon was already gone.

But I'm not going to give you a detailed answer. The show's there for you to see, presumably in English and Italian. If you buy Jon's character arc as it's presented on screen, great. If you don't, then what we did just doesn't work for you. There's no point in me trying to convince you after the fact.

Your English is pretty darn good generally, though I'll admit on occasion, I'm not always clear what you're asking. But NO ONE should be making fun of you in the Comment Room. Certainly, no one who considers him or herself a friend of mine.

Response recorded on September 01, 2010