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Alan Gavinchki writes...

Dear Greg,
I was really looking forward to a season 3 of TSSM, but due to recent news, I am a little disappointed that we won't see that show again. I have a few things I want to say. Firstly, I want to thank you for this great show. The two year run was my favorite two years yet. I have a few questions.

1. Would we have seen the Punisher? I'm a huge Punisher fan and I would've loved to see him.

2. I already know Scorpion and Hobgoblin would appear, but what other villains would we have seen?

3. Would Sandman become a good guy?

4. In the episode "Accomplices", Roderick Kingsley got away from the fight with Spidey, Silver Sable, and Hammerhead and ended up running away without a coat. But at the parking garage, Kingsley is seen in a different car (his limo was destroyed and appeared to have no other form of transportation) and had his coat back. When he saw Rhino, he seemed less surpirsed rather when he was attacked by Silver Sable. Was this Roderick's identical twin brother Daniel?

5. Speaking of Rhino, I loved seeing him and Spidey team-up. Would Spidey team-up with any other villains?

6. When the symbiote went into the sewer, was it possible that it reproduced and would create the Carnage symbiote?

7. Final question, would Miles Warren become the Jackal? If so, would he do something like the clone saga and make Ben Reilly? I'm a huge Scarlet Spider fan and I was really hoping we'd see him.

That's all I have, thanks again for a great 26 episodes.

Your fan,
Alan Gavinchki

Greg responds...

Alan, I appreciate your obvious enjoyment of the series. But I've pretty much made the decision that there's nothing in it for me to just spit out ideas I had for future seasons. Absent the execution of said ideas, they just become fodder for debate on whether or not they were good ideas. A debate that has little to do with whether they MIGHT have been good ideas if we had had the chance to execute them. So...

1. As I've stated MANY times before, we weren't given access to characters like Punisher. And at this point, it's a little moot to theorize what we might have done had Punisher become available. It was never considered.

2. Some are obvious, given the fact that we had already introduced them in their civilian identities or other hints we dropped. Beyond that, I'm not saying.

3. Things aren't black and white.

4. Again, I'll leave that to everyone's interpretation.

5. I wouldn't rule it out, but that's so specific. We never got into detail breaking down Season Three.

6. And STILL, I'm not interested in using this forum to reveal unexecuted ideas.

7. Ditto.

Response recorded on September 08, 2010