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Chris writes...

Everyone knows by now that there weren't enough DVD sales of the Gargoyles series to support the release of the remaining episodes by Disney (i.e. not profitable). This is the same situation that Warner Brothers found with the DVD release of some Hanna Barbera cartoons. In the last year, Warner Brothers (through Warner Archives) have developed the MOD (manufacture on demand) Program. They will burn the complete series of a Hanna Barbera cartoon onto a DVD-R on an order by order basis. These DVD-R's only contain the episodes (not any special bonus features) and can only be ordered from Amazon or Warner Archive online store. According to Warner Brothers this has kept the production and distribution costs low so that they can make money at this and satisfy their fans. Is there any way to get Disney to do the same thing with regards to the remaining episodes of the Gargoyles?

Greg responds...

I don't know. Is there?

Response recorded on January 18, 2011