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Ozaline writes...

This is reworked from my previous post as I realize I had worked a couple "ideas" in there, without really meaning too, because I got a bit carried away.

In response to the poster who talked about the gender imbalance (which I also noticed), you talked about the 4 traditional side kicks.

1) Even though Wonder Girl (Donna) and Wonder Girl (Cassie) showed up shortly after the formation of the Teen Titans and Young Justice respectivly, and Donna was essentially a creation for Teen Titans because the writers failed to realize that the previous Wonder Girl apperances were just a de-aged Diana, wouldn't you consider either of them as important core members of the team?

2) Don't you think we've progressed as a society somewhat in terms of gender equality since the golden age of comics, and should that not be reflected in updated revisions?

3) Any chance of Cassie or Donna as Wonder Girl showing up in future seasons (or even this season) of Young Justice?

Greg responds...

1. Of course I would, but what does that have to do with anything? For the umpteenth time, BRANDON & I WERE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THEM WHEN WE DEVELOPED THE SERIES. We can't even have an intelligent discussion as to WHETHER OR NOT Brandon and I WOULD have included either Wonder Girl, because BEFORE we got to that point, we were informed both were off limits.

2. I do think we've advanced "in terms of gender equality". Now... don't you think you can wait a mere half-dozen episodes to see whether or not we've GOT gender equality in the series - before you ASSUME that we don't? (And by the way, the Teen Titans were Silver or Bronze age, not Golden.)

3. I am no longer forbidden from using Wonder Girl, but as I've stated MANY TIMES BEFORE - I'm not going to reveal whether or not a Wonder Girl or two will eventually show up. But that's NOT just a Wonder Girl thing. I'm not scooping ANY character that might or might not eventually appear -- with the obvious exception of Artemis, who debuts this coming Friday, February 11th. 2011 on Cartoon Network. Check local listings.

Response recorded on February 07, 2011