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DC Hero writes...

Hey Greg, 1.When the Flash and Kid Flash were running in a circle around Captain Cold shouldn't that have sucked the oxygen from him
2.I noticed in the trailer that Robin was riding a motorcycle, but you confirmed he was 13, so does he have a driver's lisense.
3.They realeased a photo of Miss Martian on some kind of ship.Somebody said she was piloting something called a bio ship.Can you confirm that.
4.If you can can you say who was Green Arrow talking abut when he said ''Glad you didn't bring you know who''.
Thanks for all the help.Can't wait to watch Young Justice on Jan 21st.It would help to put a preview of episode 3 like say 3 minutes.Anyway awesome show.

Greg responds...

1. They weren't running THAT fast.

2. Don't know.

3. Yes, she pilots the Bio-Ship.

4. Miss Martian.

Response recorded on February 08, 2011