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Yojimbo writes...

After zooming in on a screen shot from "Welcome to Happy Harbor," I noticed that some of Red Tornado's back story from the comics was on the lower left screen when Aqualad announces that Red Tornado is on his way to The Cave (The Elemental Wars and his time with the Leymen).

1a) Was this information scripted to be used or was it something cleverly injected by someone else?

1b) According to the Earth-16 timeline, when does the Elemental Wars and Leymen membership take place (i.e. 7 years ago)?

Greg responds...

1a. It was something NOT so cleverly injected without my knowledge by someone (whom I'm sure meant well) and was noticed to my dismay only after it was too late to fix. I was hoping no one else would notice it, but clearly that was too much to hope for. I'm officially disavowing it -- because I have no choice. It contradicts stuff we've already got planned for future episodes in the series.

1b. Hasn't happened. Whether or not it will happen: No comment.

Response recorded on February 25, 2011