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Smallvillefan writes...

I have some Youn justice questions

1.-Why Superman acted that way towards superboy?. If someone could understant superboy's predicament better than anyone is Clark.He is an orphan himself.He lose jor-el and Jonathan Kent.He losed two parents.I was a bit disapointed on him acting that way I espected more of big blue.

2.-Are you surprised how popular artemis despite the fact taht she hasn't officialy apperead in the show beyond the intro?.

Greg responds...

1. Personally, I think you're seeing things in a very black and white manner -- when this show is all about shades of grey. (Incidentally, I'm not using this question to confirm or deny anything at all about Superman's background on Earth-16.)

2. I didn't know she was popular before her intro. How does one measure that?

Response recorded on February 25, 2011