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Richard Jackson writes...

A question about Elisa's shooting by Broadway.

It was confirmed on-screen in "Deadly Force" that only Broadway, Elisa and Goliath know that Broadway shot Elisa. Dracon may have overheard it, because he was being held upside down by Goliath when Broadway confessed. And perhaps the other members of the Manhattan Clan were told off-screen.

I wonder how the police investigation went on this shooting. In "Deadly Force", the gun was taken into evidence, but Chavez said that no conclusive prints could be found on the gun. She did affirm her conviction that Dracon did it and that no one who "hits" a cop would get away with it.

In "The Edge", Elisa tells Chavez that getting shot was an "accident". Was the shooting reclassified an accident off screen? What was Elisa's account of the shooting to the police? Were the police curious as to why someone would shoot Elisa in her apartment and then leave her outside the ER of a hospital?

Greg responds...

The shooting was reclassified as an accident with Elisa blaming herself. She offered no explanation for how she got to the hospital, and none could be found. Chavez, I think, found the story suspicious, which may have been one of the reasons she insisted that Elisa get a partner.

Response recorded on February 25, 2011