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Algernon writes...

"Welcome to Happy Harbor" Review



It’s here, it’s finally here! The first all new Young Justice episode in almost two months! So how does it hold up? Pretty good, I’d say. Admittedly this episode doesn’t have quite the same level of intrigue and jaw dropping moments as Independence Day or Fireworks but that’s okay. This story is more about getting to know the kids a bit and giving the character stuff more room to breath. And the character stuff is very well done here. We get to see the original four from the pilot interacting with each other, as well as the two newest additions to the main cast.

I particularly enjoyed Red Tornado, Jeff Bennet gives the character a very deadpan delivery that ironically brings Tornado to life. And thanks to the episode’s tag, it looks like we’re going to be learning a lot more about this guy in the future.

Of course it’s M’gann who’s the real star of this story. She starts out very insecure and unsure of her place on this team, if not this planet. But by the end of the episode she seems be a lot more confident though I’m guessing she still has a way to go.

Not that our retuning characters don’t get plenty of nice moments. Kaldur is once again the voice of reason, Superboy shows about all the social graces of somebody who grew up in a tube and Wally is… well Wally. And I loved watching Robin heckling Wally’s pitiful attempts at flirting.

On the antagonist side of things, Mr. Twister is an okay villain but something about him didn’t entirely click for me. I couldn’t even tell that was supposed to be John Delancie doing the voice. Still, considering he turned out to be merely a henchmen for the real villain, maybe that’s the point. Given his interest in Red Tornado as well as being able to duplicate Red’s powers with the Mr. Twister armour, I’ve a pretty good idea who this “Professor” character really is.

All and all, it was a welcome re-introduction to this universe and I can’t wait to see the team’s first official mission next week.

Greg responds...

Yeah, the Professor is T.O. Morrow (revealed in the credits).

Glad you liked it. A breather of sorts before their first mission in episode 4.

Response recorded on February 25, 2011