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Anonymous writes...

How is it that having Robyn at her feet, Demona didnt kill her? I loved the scene and I think that there may be two possible answers:

a- Demona does seem to have a twisted sense of humor. After watching her facing Hackon, The Renaissance Hunter and the current Hunter's father (cant remembere the name)and destroying the ciberbiotics airship with a smile from ear to ear...it's evident she likes to play with her prey, so to speak. Was she just trying to put a scare on the "little hunters" and play around with them a little bit?

B- It kind of seems unlickly that something could have stopped her from killing Robyn, considering there were three unarmed children with her down there...or so it seemed, which comes to the next possibility: Did something forced her to fleed?

Thanks for any answer you may provide ;D Demona rocks!


Greg responds...

What scene are we talking about?

Response recorded on February 25, 2011