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FightingDreamer writes...

Hi, just wanted to ask some questions about Young Justice (which I'm LOVING so far):
1. Do you have an actor doing the noises/grunts/screams for characters like Mammoth or Blockbuster, or is your sound design team just that awesome?
2. What inspired the decision to have Spanish dialogue in "Drop Zone"? Was it out of a desire to be more realistic, or did it just tickle you to have Danny Trejo give a bilingual performance?
3. Did Superboy's smirk at the end of Bane's Spanish dialogue while he was tied up indicate that Superboy knew Bane planned to betray them? If so, why did he decide not to say anything to the others? I loved that moment, mind you, but it's an extremely curious touch.

Greg responds...

1. Both.

2. The former.

3. Yes.

3a. That was his choice. It felt right to us.

Response recorded on February 25, 2011