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Anonymous writes...

Wing writes...
Can you define your idea of true sentience?
Greg responds...
Probably not. But I'd start with Descarte...
If you can say "I think therefore I am" and grapple with its meaning, as opposed to its mere pronunciation...
Well, that's a starting point.

I wont say it isnt painful to read people that still thinks positivly about Descarte and his ideas toward other forms of life. Animals may not think the way we humans do, but they still do. Descarte also said that animals seemed to suffer pain, but they didnt. You agree on that too?

Im sorry, but it was painfull to read this considering what gargoyles represented for me when I was growing up.

Greg responds...

Okay, stand down on the pain.

You're taking an off-hand comment too seriously. I NEVER said I thought animals don't suffer pain. That's patently ridiculous. I wasn't endorsing even a fraction of Descartes philosophy, just GIVING AN EXAMPLE.

But thanks for interpreting it in the worst possible way.

Response recorded on March 11, 2011