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BonnieB21:-) writes...

Young Justice Question Time!

I maybe the first one to mention this, but The Light seems to be very similar to The Venture Brothers' Guild of Calamitous Intent's Council Of Thirteen. The Council is also a secret group of supervillians who meet their underlings in a dark room and hide their identities behind screens (and officially assign heroes supervillians).

1. Did you know about The Council Of Thirteen when developing YJ? Or is it a coincidence? Parody? Or a homage to your channel mate's show on Adult Swim?

I was just struck by this idea the other day:

2. Did/Does Miss. Martian have a crush on Superman? Does she really like the boy or just the "Super"? It only makes sense that she would have a crush on the "Original" as well as the "Imitiation".

When Miss. Martian first meets Superboy she compliments him on his shirt, and then in YJ#0, SB runs out a buys a dozen more just like it.

3. Does Superboy only wear the "S" T-shirt for himself, Superman, AND Miss. Martian?

I've been wondering this for a while and had to force myself to wait until Artemis' debut to ask but.

4. Why make both minority characters blond and have light colored eyes?
4.a. Do Aqualad and Artemis dye their hair?

You had to tell us that Artemis is half Vietnamese instead of it being obvious from looking at her. You have to tell us, instead of showing us. I get that Aqualad is from Atlantis and therefore should be "exotic" looking. He looks like a cross between Sisquo the rapper who's biggest hit was "The Thong Song" and Spyke Storm's nephew from X-Men: Evolution. But Artemis is blond, blue eyed, and has no accent. Nothing that sets her apart from Wally, Dick, & Speedy. Nothing that says 'I'm Asian American". I'm sure this isn't a case of let's have ethnic characters, but not TOO ethnic..........

I'm kind of underwhelmed by the opening theme for YJ. I was really hoping for a catchy opening theme (with original animation) like W.I.T.C.H., Spectacular Spiderman, or Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes'. It took me a while to realize that you all but fresh clips of the current episode in the opening, but it's still really short.

5. Is there a reason why the theme is so short?
5. a. Do you have any say in how long the theme is or is it just up to Cartoon Network?
5. b. Does a shorter theme mean you get more time for actual story telling?

I was kind of hoping to hear Jesse McCartney sing the YJ theme. Which brings me to this, since Batman: The Brave & The Bold's "Mayhem Of The Music Meister" has established that Black Canary can sing. And Robin's voice actor is a singer....

6. Why not have the Birds duet? And the rest of the cast sing?

7. Any chance of Ace: The Dark Canine and Krypto: The Super Pooch showing up?

I watched "Infiltrator" last night and being from Miami....Whooo!!! Thanks for the shout out! But there's no such thing as "Miami Beach University"...

8. Is Miami Beach University supposed to stand in for the University of Miami? And did the League of Shadows destroy it as a test? To get valuable information? Or revenge?

This brings me to the character that most irks me in the series: Speedy. He's such a stuck up jerk, I can't stand him. He thinks he's all that but hasn't really proved himself. He really doesn't play well with others. Speedy goes in and rescues the doctor and she tells him not to leave the weapon behind. He leaves it anyway instead of using the explosives he had with him to blow it up. Next he dumps the woman on the YJL and leaves them to clean up his mess. To do what exactly? Run home and blog about how he's a Lone Wolf now and no one understands him? He doesn't even see through his own mission, that being rescue the kidnapped scientist and neutralize the threat to her life. Next, he makes a big show of "changing his name and distancing himself" from Green Arrow, by becoming Red Arrow. Really, picking another color word and your mentor's last name, does not a separate identity make. Finally, at the end we're supposed to believe he really cares about someone other than himself, just cause he threatens Artemis a teenage girl? Where were you when the real battles were being fought? Jerk!

9. Had Speedy not quit, would he have been a good leader for the team?

I don't think so, he'd have pushed for leadership since's he's the oldest, while Batman would've wanted Robin. But no way 18 year old Speedy would take orders from 13 year old Robin. Plus, I'm sure the first time the other kids didn't listen to him, he'd throw a prima donna tantrum and abandon them. Aqualad is much better suited for the job.

I'm enjoying the show a lot, especially the more grounded in reality approach. Batman's not going to be punching out Darkseid and Robin won't be fighting 10 feet tall villians made of cinder block. Nothing out of the realm of what a normal human can handle.

10. Will we see the kids go on patrol and handle regular street level crime?

11. How come there are no previews for next week's episode during the credits?

Thanks again for answering my questions.

Greg responds...

1. I've never seen Venture Brothers.

2. No, I think her crush is on Superboy. Stay tuned.

3. I don't think I understand the question.

4. Shrug. It just worked out that way.

4a. No.

5. Cartoon Network mandated the length of the main title.

5a. See above.

5b. I don't think so. But it's hard to say. We get the specs all together.

5c. Again, what exactly are you asking here?

6. Does it really seem to fit the tone of this series?


7a. I know there's no such thing as Miami Beach University. That's HOW we were able to use it and destroy a building there. Couldn't have done that to a real college.

8. Don't overthink the connection to any particular real university.

8a. Test and to get info.

8b. I like Red Arrow, warts and all. But you don't have to.

9. LOL. Given the previous paragraph, I can't believe you're asking that.

9a. On a side note, I can't picture Batman pushing for Robin to lead just because Speedy's suddenly in the picture. It's not like he pushed for Robin to lead without Speedy. And he pretty much praised the Team for choosing Aqualad to lead.


11. I don't remember.

Response recorded on April 06, 2011