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Maki P writes...

First: Sorry for freaking out with my last question. I had just watched Drop Zone, and I'm a bit sensitive about the portrayal of my language and my culture in media (maybe someday I'll find it in my heart to forgive Jurassic Park's depiction of "San José, Costa Rica" but I don't think so)
Second: Thank you for answering my first question, it was... useless, I didn't expect anything else from you.
Third: Why Wally has to go to school in Infiltrator, but Dick doesn't? I heard that apparently the school year starts at different dates in different parts of the United States. Is that it?
Thanks a lot, and let's hope YJ doesn't suffer Spectacular Spiderman's fate.

Greg responds...

First: Don't sweat it.

Second: Ditto.

Third: Yes, different schools start at VASTLY different times in the U.S. Some schools are quote-unquote year round, meaning that the summer break might be ridiculously short. And schools these days can start pretty much as early as August 1st and pretty much as late as October 1st, depending on the school and the community.

Response recorded on April 07, 2011