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no. 1 batfan writes...

Hey Greg! I am a big fan of both the Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice. I am hoping that Young Justice does not suffer a similar fate that the Spectacular Spider-Man did. Like a lot of people, I am racking my brain trying to figure out who Artemis is. However, instead of simply throwing a name (or group of names) at you and asking you if it's her, since, knowing you, you would probably say "no comment," I thought I'd try a more subtle approach. So here goes:

1.)In the mainstream comics, is Artemis in any way associated with Green Arrow?

2.)Roughly what decade was Artemis first introduced?

3.)Will Artemis's identity be revealed by the end of the first 26 episodes?

These next two questions don't have to do with Artemis, but I thought I'd ask them anyway:
4.)Why did you decide not to have Robin in the episode "Denial"?
5.)Given the current ratings for Young Justice, would you say that the chance that Cartoon Network would order more episodes is good?
I am hoping that you answer each of my questions, even if some of them are no comments. At least that way, I would know that you are taking the time to read my questions. Thanks for your time, and I can't wait for March 4's episode "Downtime"!

Greg responds...


4. First, to establish that these characters have lives outside the Team to varying degrees, and many are still having adventures with their mentors. Secondly, to make it clear that not every character will be on every mission. Thirdly, for the pragmatic reason that one less player means more screen time for the others. As for why Robin specifically was chosen, it was felt that he knew Wally too well and would create a better bridge for him to the rest of the Team. With Robin gone, Wally becomes more isolated - which is good drama, you know?


Response recorded on April 21, 2011