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Todd Jensen writes...

I haven't asked many "Young Justice" questions before now (probably none), largely because I don't have cable and thus wasn't able to see the show. But I wanted to thank you for answering one question in the course of the two-part opener - though I learned it second-hand in the Station 8 comment room.

While I'm not a DC Comics expert, I've heard from various sources about Cadmus Labs - and when I heard of it, I began wondering almost at once if its bearing the same name as the mythical Greek hero who was Europa's brother, slew a dragon and planted its teeth to produce a crop of armed warriors, and founded Thebes, was intentional or coincidence.

Then, during the discussion in the S8 comment room of "Independence Day", in which Cadmus Labs featured, I learned from one of the other posters (who'd seen the episode, as I hadn't) that the characters in that episode of "Young Justice" pointed out in the story that the name of the labs was indeed intentional, comparing its secret experiments with Cadmus sowing the dragon's teeth.

Now I don't know if that line was your idea, or someone else's; I don't even know if it originated with the "Young Justice" production team or if DC Comics had already come up with it. But I'm glad that that question was answered, and want to thank you for that.

Greg responds...

Cadmus goes back to Jack Kirby. I'm sure he was quite aware of the mythological reference, or why else would he chose that name?

Response recorded on May 17, 2011