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Zac writes...

Crap, my internet got interrupted and I accidentally cut my question in half. Sorry. Here's the first half:

Hi Greg,
I'm really enjoying YJ so far

1. You mentioned before that episodes 103-108 would focus on individual team members. By my reckoning:
103 - Miss Martian
104 - Robin
105 - Superboy
106 - Artemis
107 - Kid Flash
108 - Aqualad
I feel like Robin and Artemis got jipped. It could be that they had less character development because they're some of the most secretive members of the team, but I hope they get extra coverage later. By the way, as of 108, episodes 105 and 107 have been my favorites.

Greg responds...

Well, I don't agree that anyone got jipped. Least of all the audience. But I'm getting the sense that my sensibilities are less in line with the audiences' on Young Justice than on any series I've produced prior to this one.

It's not like previous series didn't get complaints, but...

Well, it's less fun, but I guess it comes with the job, and I do like the job, so I can't complain - much.

Response recorded on May 17, 2011