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FinalAvalanche writes...

1) There's been a wiki debate over what color Artemis' eyes are, would you be so kind as to tell us what her eye color is supposed to be?

2) In earlier promotional clips, Artemis clearly had blue eyes, but in the show her eyes are darker, which makes her look more Asian. When was the decision made to change the color, who made the decision, and why?

Greg responds...

1. According to our Color Stylist, James Peters, her eyes are dark grey, almost black.

2. Promotional artwork NEVER counts. It's not always even done by the series' crew. I, personally, don't ever remember her eyes being blue. But I just looked at a poster on my own wall, and sure enough they're blue. Clearly, an error -- or it was done before we had locked colors on her or something. (Remember, she didn't actually show up until episode 6, and her colors didn't need to be locked until then.) There was no decision to CHANGE her eye color, because the first time any actual decision was made, it was decided that she would have dark eyes.

Response recorded on May 17, 2011