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Christopher writes...

Hello Greg!

First of all, I would just like to say that my family and I are really enjoying Young Justice. In particular, I like how the show is introducing old characters to new viewers. Dr. Fate never interested me in the slightest before, but now I am willing to give the character another look, just because of this show. Also, your artists deserve extra praise for the variation in character body types in the show. Kid Flash looks like a runner, and Aqualad is built like Michael Phelps. Keep up the good work!

Now for my questions...

1. We have been shown the world where Aqualad lives in Downtime (my favorite episode). With whom does he live? I know that Kaldur'ahm has a close relationship with Aquaman, but is it close enough for him to live with the king and queen of Atlantis?

2. I really loved your introduction of Dr. Fate and the concept of the Lords of Order and Chaos. It was an interesting change to see Klarion as a Lord of Chaos, it fits well. Is there even the slightest possibility that Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld will appear in this show?

3. Is there any way that fans can obtain the promotional posters of the different characters, or just the pics of the posters from Young Justice? The designs were awesome.

I will be grateful for any information that you can provide, thank you.

Greg responds...

1. He doesn't even live in the same city as Aquaman. As for who he might or might not live with: "SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT."


3. I don't know.

Response recorded on May 17, 2011